Iggy's Raven's Report - 20 January 2011

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News and Personal Thoughts:
Ravens: I am still so ticked off I can't see straight. It's even worse today, knowing that a win would have meant a HOME playoff game against a team we know we can beat. Instead, the effing squealers get that "honor." With a game in New England, I thought there was no way of advancement for The Team That Must Not Be Named, but the Jets playing at heinz field, I am not so sure they can beat them twice in a season. Meanwhile, the NFC is mostly a joke in comparison: Their best team bounced like a rubber ball in their first home game and a sub-500 division winner taking out the defending Super Bowl Champions. The AFC Championship is the hands down favorite for the Superbowl. That should have been us. Could they have found a worse refereeing crew for our game? A more biased crew? The Head official seemed apologetic when he reported that brainlessburger fumbled and it resulted in a Baltimore Touchdown. I still don't see the holding on the punt return Touchdown: Two guys got tangled, twisting each other around. In they playoffs, they usually "let them play." Instead, they let the nastiness play... the illegal head butts, the late hits after the play was over, and other generally frowned upon behaviors. Meanwhile, do you really think the Jets will be allowed to win in crapsburgh after the "coach tripping" incident last month? I think not. The nfl does NOT want to see the Jets go to Dallas. Our referee-aided meltdown just launched you know who in to probably their 7th title... all at our expense AGAIN. We should NEVER lose to those _____ again. Fate owes it to us, but the league stands in our way!

Ravens 2011 opponents have been determined: Out of division home games include Houston, Indy, San Fran, Seattle and the Jets. Road games include Jacksonville, Tennessee, Arizona, St. Louis and San Diego. However, I can't even think about next season. I can't even talk about the game without a dangerous rise in blood pressure. ABP is my motto. Anyone but ittsburgh. But, I am not even sure I can watch another game this year -- Not even to root for the other team. Brainlessburger is now 7-0 against us, including 3-0 in the playoffs. Baltimore is 0-7 all time against that effing city in the post season across 2 sports and 3 teams (Orioles 0-2, Colts 0-2, and now the Ravens 0-3). What ever happened to any given Sunday? Law of averages? When is it our turn to beat them? We are 12-21 overall against them, having only swept them ONCE in the regular season. How can you have a rivalry, when the other side ALWAYS wins? Right now, it's just them, while we are a bunch of whiners... until we can start evening the score and make them ask why they are the victim. Until then, you might not want to watch anymore football for the rest of the season.

Orioles: Fanfest has been scheduled for January 29... O's resign Adam Jones to a 1-year deal, avoiding arbitration... Nothing new on Simon.

Crystal Palace Baltimore F.C. (Home games at UMBC): Team to resume play in 2012 after completing construction of a downtown soccer facility.

Alouettes: The Montreal Alouettes signed Canadian fullback and long snapper Martin Bédard to a three-year contract on Friday while non-import tackle Skip Seagraves decided to retire.

Blast: The Blast have now lost 3 of 4, after losing 14-12 to the Chicago Riot Sunday in Chicago. The lost puts us 1 full game behind Milwaukee. ...Anyone interested in going to a game, please let me know. I am hoping to get a group together for a late season game, probably in February or March.

Mariners: On September 3, 2010, team owner Dwayne Wells was arrested on charges of wire fraud from an engineering firm he partially owned, allegedly using embezzled money from the firm to buy stakes in the Mariners franchise. Wells forfeited his ownership of the team, causing the Mariners to fold after the 2010 season. The Southern Indoor Football League, as successor to the eastern half of the AIFA, still holds the lease on 1st Mariner Arena, lending hope that we could land our 3rd indoor football team in the last 4 years.

Chesapeake Bayhawks: Bayhawks plan to participate in the MSP Polar Bear Plunge this year.

Charm: Nothing to Report.

Capitals (See website for more details): The Caps broke a 3-game losing streak on Sunday with a 3 goal 3rd period to defeat the Senators 3-1. The slump of inconsistent plays dating back to early December has continually pushed the Caps down the power rankings chart, but thanks to their early season success, the Caps still find themselves tied for first in the Southeast Division, and for 3rd in the Eastern Conference, behind Philly and *that city* (You know who I talking about)

Wizards (See website for more details): Look out! The Wizards (11-27) are on fire! They have won 3 of their last 5 games, including wins over New Jersey (10-30), Sacramento (9-29) and Toronto (13-27), while losing to Charlotte (15-23) and Minnesota (10-31), however, they really should not lose to any of those teams if they want to stay out of the "Worst of the NBA" voting race. Anyway, their sudden hotstreak has them with the 3rd worse record in the Eastern Conference, and 5th worst overall. This week doesn't look too promising, however, as they get more quality opponents in Utah (27-13, tied for 1st), Milwaukee (14-23), Phoenix (17-21, 2nd place) and Boston (30-9, 2nd best record in NBA).

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2010 Preseason
Date Opponent Time Result
Thursday, August 12 Carolina Panthers 8:00 PM W 17-12
Saturday, August 21 @Washington Redskins 7:00 PM W 20- 3
Saturday, August 28 New York Giants 7:30 PM W 24-10
Thursday, September 2 @St. Louis Rams 8:00 PM L 27-21
2010 Regular Season
Date Opponent Record Time Result
Monday, September 13 @New York Jets 5-1 Overall
1-1 Away
7:00 PM W 10-9
Sunday, September 19 @Cincinnati Bengals 15-13 Overall
6-8 Away
1:00 PM L 15-10
Sunday, September 26 Cleveland Browns 15-7 Overall
8-3 Home
1:00 PM W 24-17
Sunday, October 3 @Pittsburgh Steelers 11-19 Overall
4-11 Away
1:00 PM W 17-14
Sunday, October 10 Denver Broncos 5-3 Overall
4-0 Home
1:00 PM W 31-17
Sunday, October 17 @New England Patriots 1-5 Overall
1-3 Away
1:00 PM L 23-20 (OT)
Sunday, October 24 Buffalo Bills 2-2 Overall
2-1 Home
1:00 PM W 37-34 (OT)
Sunday, November 7 Miami Dolphins 4-5 Overall
1-1 Home
1:00 PM W 26-10
Thursday, November 11 @Atlanta Falcons 2-1 Overall
1-1 Away
8:20 PM L 26-21
Sunday, November 21 @Carolina Panthers 0-3 Overall
0-2 Away
1:00 PM W 37-13
Sunday, November 28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2 Overall
0-1 Home
1:00 PM W 17-10
Sunday, December 5 Pittsburgh Steelers 12-19 Overall
7-8 Home
8:20 PM L 13-10
Monday, December 13 @Houston Texans 3-0 Overall
2-0 Away
8:30 PM W 34-28 (OT)
Sunday, December 19 New Orleans Saints 3-1 Overall
2-1 Home
1:00 PM W 30-24
Sunday, December 26 @Cleveland Browns 16-7 Overall
7-4 Away
1:00 PM W 20-10
Sunday, January 2 Cincinnati Bengals 15-14 Overall
9-6 Home
1:00 PM W 13-7
2010 Post Season -- Ravens #5 Seed
Date Opponent Record Time Result
Sunday, January 9
Wild Card Game
@4. Kansas City Chiefs 2-3 Overall
1-0 Away
1:00 PM W 30-7
Sunday, January 15
Divisional Game
@2. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-20 Overall
5-11 Away
4:30 PM L 31-24

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